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Work With Us

When you’re overwhelmed by social media, when you’ve got so many marketing channels to manage and you don’t know where to start or you know you’ve got something good in your content but you also know you’re not making the most of it, The Social Networker team can help.

About Us

We are now a growing team offering social media management and marketing training and strategy. We work with people over companies, we want to help you develop your company and your vision through getting your message out there and telling people WHY you do what you do.

Suggested Resources

Here’s a list of resources you might find useful. I’ve given books their own page as there are just so many that I’ve found helpful.

This includes… Tutorials, Websites, Podcasts & Networking groups

What our clients say

Work With Us

Are you overwhelmed by social media? Do you have oodles of amazing content but forget (or simply don’t have the time!) to make the most of it? Are you struggling to understand what the hell marketing is about?! How the hell are you supposed to know where your clients are in all this online space? Or the best way to reach them?! With what message? ARGH!!!

We get it. It’s confusing, it’s overwhelming to the point of making you freeze and not do ANY marketing at all and that’s not good for you or your business. Here at The Social Networker we can ease the pain by playing dot-to-dot. We can set up and then manage your social media presence for you and if you’re so inclined we can build you a complete, coherent marketing strategy and plan that will give your business a marketing structure that you can use well into the future, connecting all the dots on your marketing and content.

We also conduct social media training and offer online courses in the basics, essentially, we help you connect the dots on your marketing so you make the most of all your content across the channels and platforms that are most relevant to you and your customers.

Want to know more? We are all about having a cuppa and a chat. Cake is optional but preferred so get in touch, by email, phone, carrier pigeon or raven, whatever your preference is.