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Run the World

Run the World

The more I run, the more I talk about running, the more people I discover who run too. Or used to, or are thinking about running, or who want to start.

And running is universal. There’s no limit on location. No limit on age or experience or equipment. Sure you can spend a small fortune on equipment and races but essentially you can run barefoot and naked if you want to. Though I prefer to at least wear a sports bra.
Haile Gebresallassi ran because it’s what was available to him. His distinctive running style, with a crooked left arm, is accredited to the fact he always ran too and from school, carrying his booked in that arm. “Jarra” Jim Purcell ran half marathons into his 90s, raising thousands for charity over the course of 29 Great North Runs and Ben Smith ran 401 marathons on 401 consecutive days to highlight bullying and to beat his own demons. His speech at Sports Personality of the Year Awards was poignant and powerful for many of us involved in running.
You can run marathons across the seven continents and in over 100 countries. Or you can jog to the shops. Or the lamppost. All of the above make you a runner.
Run the world.

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