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Break the Mould

Break the Mould

Oh my word! What did you just say?! Did you just say “I never thought YOU’D be able to do that!”?

Ok, I know, that’s a little bit abrupt but this is a reaction I’ve had in the past, and probably will again, when someone reacts to something I’ve done with complete shock. And not shock in a good way, shock because they didn’t think I was CAPABLE of something and that’s quite insulting!

Whenever we break out of the mould, step out of the neat little boxes someone has put us in, it breaks their story about us. It forces them to reassess things and quite often, they won’t accept the change because it reflects negatively on them, but I just keep on doing it anyway. Your entire body is replaced every 7 years so my thought is that if it’s happening anyway why not take some conscious control over that and over what else I can change?

Break the mould, chip away at it, smash with a hammer the size of Mjolnir, but keep changing and smile when someone reacts with shock because you’ve just made them face up to a few things.


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