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Why, How and What.

Why, How and What.

WOW. This picture popped up on a memory post on Facebook today, it’s an extremely pertinent reminder based on my post yesterday and so much has changed since this picture and not just my hair and weight levels!
857734_10152634223155515_2011766237_oThis picture was taken the day my mum retired from the company she’d owned and run for 35 years. I’m on the left, my youngest sister is in the middle and my mum is on the right.

It’s only in the past few weeks I’ve fully understood why the company and my colleagues worked so well together and what made this company so special. I think we were very lucky to be there. I’m totally biased of course.
We knew WHY we were there, we all knew HOW to do it and we all knew WHAT those tasks and jobs were. At the time I didn’t appreciate it at all. We were there to bring the very best products and services to people and we believed in quality in both. We believed in the very highest customer service standards and in treating people with respect and courtesy, staff and customers.
How we did was by designing and creating our own product ranges that were only available from us, we spent time and energy creating detailed, quality products and marketing them across all our marketing channels.
WHAT we did, sell the products, was a result of that WHY and HOW. We believed in being the best, and that being the best meant providing the best service and the highest quality of products. Our customers loved it.
What we didn’t know until after this photograph was taken, was just how much our customers believed what we believed. They had completely bought into the ethos of the company and unfortunately when the company changed hands, the WHY got lost and the WHAT became the driving force. For more examples of what happens to companies when this split takes place, check out Simon Sinek, specifically his book “Start with Why”.
Starting with why again now has reignited long lost desires and ambitions for me and I sincerely hope that everyone I worked with at this company has gone on to do the same.

Start with why. Every damn time.


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