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When Results Speak…

When Results Speak…

I recently asked a customer for a testimonial, pretty standard practice to help others see what you’re capable of and know that you can be trusted. I was so chuffed with what came back from him that I had to share it in full with you all. I believe it is important to share our successes as entrepreneurs because we need to see how far we’ve come!

Here’s what he said

Classic Sailing has worked with Amy for over a year and in the time we have been extremely pleased with her work on our behalf. We concentrate on Facebook as it is a natural for our strong visual images.
1.       Regularity -Classic Sailing has benefited from the regular Facebook posts that Amy has been able to create for us.
2.       Limited Resources – Having the assurance that there will be a relevant post every day takes a great deal of pressure off our limited time resources.
3.       Quality is better than quantity-  Amy’s post have always been high quality, well thought out and popular with our 27,688 Facebook page likes.
4.       Reach – The average Facebook Page post reaches 15% of the pages likes, Amy’s posts normally reach 20% of our likes and sometimes higher.
5.       Likes – In addition to reaching a big audience Amy’s posts have helped us increase our page likes and this increases by around 1000 per month which it did not do before we worked with Amy.
6.       Increased profitability – Facebook posts have helped increase the profitability of Classic Sailing and Amy Purser has played a significant role in this success.
I would recommend Amy Purser to anyone requiring assistance with their social media.
Nigel Diarmid

Well I’m going to go and get myself a glass of something cold and fizzy. YEY!!
If you’re looking for help with your social media, contact me now!

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