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Warning! Upgrade Incoming!

Warning! Upgrade Incoming!

Things have been a little quiet round these parts!
This is for a couple of reasons, 1 – I’ve been celebrating and congratulating and generally cheering on lots of people and sharing some very special times with loved ones near and far in the last few weeks and 2 – I’ve been taking some time out to evaluate where my business and I are going together next!

In less than two years I’ve built myself a great business helping other business owners with their social media management and strategy. I’ve always loved social media, being an early adopter of the biggest platforms and enjoying the conversations it’s allowed businesses to have directly with customers.

Alongside my social media skills I also have significant experience of multi-channel marketing and I’m excited to be using this skillset again soon.
To wrap it all up I’ve taken a leap this week and signed up for some substantial training to improve my social media offering and build more services for my clients.
And I’ve not stopped there ….
Stay tuned because in the next few weeks I’ll be announcing the next string to my bow. If you’re a female entrepreneur looking to take the next step in your business then I hope you’ll be one of the people I’ll be able to help next!
Skills Upgrading!

Skills Upgrading!

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