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Manic Monday?

Manic Monday?

The majority of people moan about monday. It’s just a day, the problem is we’ve been conditioned to believe we shouldn’t love our work so we get the “Monday blues” but when you work for yourself, some of that conditioning falls away. (Hey I’m not going to pretend ALL conditioning falls away, but some of it certainly does.)

This raises an interesting question about how we perceive things and what choices we make based on those perceptions. If you believe that work, the thing you spend most of your life doing, shouldn’t be something you enjoy or oh, I don’t know, LOVE, you are never going to leap out of bed, punch the air and shout WOOOHOOOO! at the traditional start of the week.
If you’re in control of when you work and how you work though, you may find (like me) that you naturally gravitate to a week that starts on a Sunday afternoon, or maybe a Tuesday morning or Wednesday lunch time, because that’s what feels best to you.
If you manage to find work that you LOVE, then, well, it really doesn’t matter when you’re working. It’s a fupping cliche I know, but doing something you love doesn’t feel like work. I’m writing this at 0821 on a Monday morning whilst eating breakfast and watching awful YouTube videos with my son. And I can straight up-legit say this is work.  And tomorrow morning I will go and visit my 84 year old friend and feel no guilt because I work to my timetable doing things that really float my boat.
What do you love to do? Would Monday be a little less manic if you were doing more of that?
And if all else fails, grab your coffee, put on your superhero cape and go get shit done.

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