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Craving Content

Craving Content

It can be hard to think of content to create to put across your social media platforms and blogs, sometimes even feeling overwhelming. With some tricks and practice though it can become a lot easier, here I’ll share with you some of the tips I use for content creation for my clients and my own social media platforms.

Once you’ve written a blog we often just post a link across our social media platforms and leave it at that. Blogs don’t have to be one social media post, a good blog post can give you a week of social media posts when you split it into several shorter posts such as one quote, one with headline, one with sub-heading, one “top tips” and one “new blog!” style post. That’s 5 pieces of social media content from 1 blog.
Getting ideas FOR blogs, can be a bit tougher. Digital Marketer have got your back on this one though (and you can bring this format into all your content too). I tend to find my inspiration from talking to other people and picking up themes, which is precisely where this blog post came from.

Sharing other people’s content

Across all your social media platforms you will find people who you can collaborate with where there is a synergy with your audiences without being in direct competition with each other. These are the people’s whose content you can share to help your audience and build your authority and influence.
A few examples might be a virtual assistant links about general good business practice or tools for organisation, fashion brands can dip into makeup for example or accessories, a healthcare professional might share information about nutrition and exercise, a piano tutor may link up with a guitar tutor and share content.

Evergreen content

Not every post you’re going to create (especially on your blog) is going to be something that is time sensitive, in fact most of it probably won’t be. When you create evergreen content you can reshare it over time when the topic pops up again. This is the premise that the social media management platform MeetEdgar is based on, it reposts your content because people actually aren’t sitting there waiting for your latest content! OMG! I know! How rude! But it’s the truth. Evergreen content can be shared, reblogged, linked to time and time again. So you can use it for a social media post, either through MeetEdgar or scheduled by yourself.

Share tech updates

In most industries there will be information about product updates or services that change over time. How does this affect your niche and your clients? Posting about the updates – even with a link to someone else’s article, provides you with content and an update on your platforms. Find the good sources for this content and start following them so you can share the updates when they come through.

Behind the scenes

Don’t be afraid to share things behind the scenes don’t be limited to “finished products only”. Showing things behind the scenes for those working from home in the service area may seem tricky, but you can show what you’re working on, the “truth” of working at home (ie the mess in your house as you build your empire ;-p) or even show you meeting clients. Preview your services, snap your screen with a spreadsheet or email campaign, if you’re training for a new skill share that.
Products are going to be easier to show a behind the scenes style post. Photo shoots for products are great behind the scenes stories, just look at fashion blogs where they will interviews the photographer, the stylist, the model, the makeup and hair artists, then produce images of the photographer shooting the model and do a live broadcast of it followed by a video later which is probably used as a round up of the day. All from one photography shoot that’s not even in the magazine yet!

Create your own images

Create your own images with apps like If you’ve heard or read something that’s stood out to you, create your own quote image to share. If you have a special offer coming up or are working on a new project you can use (or another similar service) to help people find out about it. Images rank better across most social media platforms so it is highly worthwhile creating one to increase your reach.

Mix it up

Sometimes it can be as easy as changing the way you post. If you’re prone to lots of still images, do a live feed instead! If you use a lot of words, switch it to an image. When you have a lot of images, you can share them in one short post or spread them out. Think about doing a live video there and then and taking images to share later, no one minds that you share images from the past, be it the recent past or further back.
You’re not going to be able to do every platform and not all will be relevant, figure which ones work for you and use those. Remember who you are trying to reach and ask how your content will help them.
And if you need more help, here’s your very own infographic. Thanks to Canva ;-p

Your Social Media Weekly Planner

Your Social Media Weekly Planner

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