My Blog | How EventBrite Can Help You Reach More People
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How EventBrite Can Help You Reach More People

How EventBrite Can Help You Reach More People

Eventbrite is a website that allows you to manage events, whether they’re free or pay-to-attend. People can sign up and see who of their friends are also attending, read details about the event and carry their e-tickets around in their pocket on the app.

Initially I thought that was all Eventbrite did. Then one evening when I was getting excited about attending an upcoming event with Kat Dever (alumni of Jen Sincero) I stumbled upon the “search” function. And suddenly there were all these incredible events around me! Business starter programmes from the local council, business networking events, sign language training events and much much more.
Not only does EventBrite allow you to list your event for people to find it, but you can find events of interest to you and sign up to them! If you’re struggling to find events in your area, then I’d thoroughly recommend you take a look into Eventbrite. 

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