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I’ve seen mentioned across various channels about Facebook splitting the newsfeeds into one with posts from friends and paid for adverts, and one with none-paid for page posts. The general response has been panic.
I would urge everyone to KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON.
At the moment this is a trial only, happening in 6 countries. Yes, some pages saw their reach crash. Others, who did not rely solely on social media to get their message across to their audience, saw no noticeable difference in their performance.

Social media should never be the only method of marketing for any company. It’s been undervalued precisely because it’s been low-cost/free. It should be considered as part of an holistic marketing strategy, not a cheap/free alternative. When it’s viewed in the round, it’s just another channel, not the only one.
FB do not want businesses to leave, they want everyone on the platform all the time so anything that results in a loss of pages (and revenue) will be considered. Yes they are trialling this at the moment, yes it probably will extend across the network, so do I see a major problem? No.
Here’s why.
POST – good quality content and mix up the format – FB LOVES live and video so use those as much as you can. If you’re creating good content that people are responding to and sharing then that’s going to help your page anyway. I’d always focus on that.
SHARE – your business page stuff on your own timeline (thus spreading your reach and negating the split newsfeed)
LIKE – your own posts. It’s not self congratulatory, it marks your action in the activity tracker on the right hand side thus exposing it to more people.
LINK – Pages can now link to groups and you will soon be able to advertise in groups giving you super targeted adverts.
MESSAGE – You can also use the messenger app to contact your audiences, once they message you they have subscribed to the page and you can use chatbots to contact them.
Those are the free tips. Low cost ones include boosting posts that you want your audience to see (so important timely posts) or that you want to use to promote your page – so a post that is on brand and on message. A good boosted post will also help you gain new page likes as you invite the people who liked the post to like your page.
PIXEL – For some companies FB adverts perform better than Google Ads do. This is because FB allows you to be super targeted and REMARKET effectively. Get your pixel working if you aren’t already.
Advertising is a tool but it does not have to cost a lot and it’s not that difficult to do, FB adverts are a LOT cheaper than traditional print advertising! My best advice would be to try it, if it gives good results and a better ROI than other marketing methods that cost money then businesses can make the choice. It won’t take much investment to see whether it works or not.
I really don’t think this is a death knell for SMEs on FB. FB want your money, they’re not stupid enough to shut you out and send you elsewhere. I’d give it time before panicking. There isn’t any other platform that allows business marketing the way FB does at the moment, that doesn’t mean it’s for everyone though. Go where your audience are, if they’re not on FB, don’t use it. I hope that helps put a few minds at ease!

Keep calm and carry on, stay calm

Calm down dear!

**late night edit**
It may not even happen! Reports are saying that Facebook may not even roll this out 

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