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Money Monday – Karen Sutton Johal

Money Monday – Karen Sutton Johal

In March I attended (and presented at!) the first Your Virtual Mentors event and listened intently to Karen Sutton-Johall  talking about the 4 Money Mindsets. I was also given a copy of her book of the same name.

I’ve yet to start reading it (shamefully) but I know it’s going to be a goon ‘un because Karen is extremely knowledgeable, personable and adept at what she does. I could visibly see the level of energy raise in the room when through only 1.5 hours with Karen, people realised what was actually possible in terms of earning potential, and more importantly, why that wasn’t greedy or wrong.
There is power in money. The more you have, the more you can use. It is the energy people put behind money that makes it good or evil and if you want to do good in the world then it is your duty to make money.
Do not be ashamed of your desire for it or pursuit of it. If you value money, it will value you. Create GOOD beliefs around it, work on your personal value and mindset and it will come to you. You can grab Karen’s #1 best selling book on amazon here

Karen SuttonJohal, Paul Bassi and Amy Purser at the first Your Virtual Mentors event.

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