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Money Monday – Money is Just Energy

Money Monday – Money is Just Energy

Word up peeps! Bit late off the mark today but here’s the Money Monday post for you all.
One of the biggest lessons I’ve learnt around money is that it is just energy. It is not evil nor good. It is all about the energy you place around it that makes it APPEAR to be one thing or the other.

The best way I can describe this is to use Jen Sincero’s example of a $50 bill.  A $50 dollar bill that you worked your butt off for, will have very different energy to a $50 bill you stole from someone’s handbag. But it’s still just $50. It’s still the same piece of paper. Nothing about the $50 has changed, it’s just your feelings and perception of it have.
Money is therefore, not inherently evil. Nor inherently good. It is how we use it that makes it one thing or the other. If you have more, then you can give more and help more people. If you have less, well, you get the idea.
Years and years ago I read a book by The Barefoot Doctor, it was either Handbook for Heroes  or Handbook for the Urban Warrior, I’m afraid I can’t remember which. Anyway, in there it explained that money is just a transference of energy. You put your energy into your work and in return, someone pays you with money that they earned putting their energy into something. The more value you put in to your work, the more energy you spend on it, then all things being equal,  the more renumeration will come your way. Sadly this doesn’t happen so much in our employed/mortgaged society, and one of my key goals in life it to help people out of that position by employing them to work hours that suit them and pay them a wage that allows them enough time to be who they are MORE than they work. OR by helping them build a business that allows them to do the above, and thus help others in their employment to do the same thing too.
A quote that I have on my wall says “where focus goes, energy flows”. If you’re focused on “being in the flow” of money, rather than having a LACK of it, you will attract more of it towards you. Money likes speed and movement, the quicker you move, the quicker it will move.
Here’s something a little outlandish but it works for me, I have a visualisation I do. I’m standing in a river. A river that rushes around me and is up to my knees, it’s pretty deep. The river is surrounded by lush green banks and the sky is blue and bright sunshine is reflecting off the river.
The river, is not water. It is a fluid, undulating mass of golden coins. Usually £1 coins because I’m familiar with them and can visualise them easily. As the river flows around me I can put my hands in and scope out as much as I like and it will never run out. As I hold this image in my mind I say “Money is a current and I am in the flow.” This really works to put my mindset in a place of abundance and awareness about money and how I use it, where I spend it and how much I call in to my bank account.
If you’re a bit put off by the visualization bit, try breaking down your beliefs around money. Jen Sincero’s book is brilliant for working through your money beliefs and if you want to know more about the history of money and why capitalism is the best option we’ve got (even though we know it sure as hell ain’t perfect) then go for Rob Moore’s book, Money.
Have a super Monday and let me know your thoughts below!

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