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Which marketing channels do you use?

Which marketing channels do you use?

On Monday on our Facebook page I asked which marketing channels you use for business and if you feel you’re getting good ROI on them.

The rest of this week we’re going to talk about the various channels that are available in marketing, because despite what you might think, there’s more to marketing than digital ;-p

To kick off then, here’s a quick selection of marketing channels that are open to most (if not all) businesses –

Direct mail
Leaflet drops
Printed advertising – magazines/newspapers
Catalogues and brochures
Press releases
Email marketing (both proactive and reactive)
Social media platforms
Social media advertising
Point of Sale materials
Exhibitions and conferences
Networking events
Public speaking
Affiliate marketing
SMS messaging
A bricks ‘n’ mortar store
Product packaging
Word of Mouth
Search engine advertising
Messenger bots

I’d hazard a guess that most business use at least 5 of these and if you dug down into it you’d find more than 5 that your business uses but probably doesn’t capitalise on. Can you find your 5?

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