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Top Podcasts for Marketers and Entrepreneurs

Top Podcasts for Marketers and Entrepreneurs

We know it can be really difficult to find time to take in knowledge and read in this fast paced world we live in, but we’ve found that using podcasts can be a really helpful way of keeping up to date with trends, learning new ideas or keeping up with current affairs. We’ve found that listening whilst driving, or cooking in the evening, walking the dog or whilst you’re in the gym is the best way to fully absorb the message. You can always listen again later if you feel so inclined. And the best bit?  You can speed up podcast to x1.5 or x2 the speed! It sounds fast to begin with but once you get used to it, listening at a slower pace sounds strange. 

Here are our ideas for podcasts for marketers and entrepreneurs. 

Making Marketing By Digiday  – Interviews with businesses who have used marketing effectively to grow their brands, features companies like Accenture, Foot Locker and Shopify. Great for hearing what the big kids are up to! 

Perpetual Traffic from The Digital Marketer – Hands down the most important podcast for marketers using Facebook and Facebook Ads. What these guys don’t know about FB isn’t worth knowing. Can be  quite geeky but even if you’re not sure of the terminology to start with, you’ll soon get into it and it’s well worth sticking with. They also cover Instagram and Whatsapp since Facebook own them. 

The Disruptive Entrepreneur by Rob Moore – Rob Moore is a property millionaire, though unless you’ve actively sought him out you probably won’t have heard of him. He is a brilliant, supportive and generous entrepreneur who does a lot for the wider business owner community. His podcasts interview a mix of business people, celebrities and controversial topics and are insightful and engaging. If you only pick one podcast on this list, we’d strongly recommend this one.

Work like a Woman by Mary Portas– On the back of her most recent book, also called “Work like a Woman” – Mary Portas now has a podcast talking through the main precepts of the book and how working like a woman can change the way we work and how businesses are structured to enable alpha tendencies and a linear path of progression, which doesn’t suit the way society lives and functions in the 21st century. Worth a listen if you believe (like we do) that business should compliment the way we are not hinder the way we live. 

Social Media Talk Show from Social Media Examiner and Social Media Marketing with Michael Stelzner – Social Media Examiner is Michael Stelzner’s company and these two podcasts will help you get a handle on the mirage of social media tools and platforms available. It’s a more general podcast than Perpetual Traffic and probably a good place to step in to the podcast format.

If you’ve never listened to a podcast, we can’t recommend them enough as a tool for learning and enjoyment as there are plenty of humorous and entertaining ones too. Of course, you can even create your own podcast, but that’s for another blog.

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