My Blog | What is an ideal client avatar? Breaking down the marketing jargon!
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What is an ideal client avatar? Breaking down the marketing jargon!

What is an ideal client avatar? Breaking down the marketing jargon!

Simply put, an ideal client avatar is an image of your dream customers/client. In reality, to get the most out of this, you need to create an image that is as detailed and focused as possible. And I do mean REALLY detailed. The more detail you can put into it at the beginning, the better you will be able to target and reach the people who are going to buy your goods and services.

Why is this important? Shouldn’t I be targeting EVERYONE with my product/service?

Well, no not really. Of course we’d all love the entire planet to love what we do and purchase whatever we’re creating but the sad fact is that it is unlikely to happen and if you’re trying to target every Joan and John, plus the grand parents and the fluffy pets, you will find that your sales are … shall we say difficult?

Focusing on your ideal client means that your messages are crafted to reach those key people who are then more likely to resonate with that message and then to go on to purchase from you. By talking specifically to your ideal client, you can close in on what their frustrations are and how you can help them. You can understand what drives them, what motivates them and what appeals most to them. By tailoring your message to those ideal clients you’ll also find that you build your tribe more effectively, the people that are drawn to you will already “get” what you’re about and you won’t have to waste time and energy explaining to people to convert them to your way of thinking, they will already understand it. PLus you won’t be frustrated yourself because you’ll KNOW your message is reaching the right people.

How do we get ensure that the messages we’re sending out reach those ideal clients?

I’m so glad you asked 

The important thing now is to give yourself the uninterrupted time to work through this because it will be invaluable to how you shape your business into the future. Grab a piece of paper and a pencil. Right now, go on. Come back when you’ve got one. Now put the phone in do not disturb and close the office door. Turn off notifications and give yourself the head space to really work this through. If you’d rather download the PDF for use later, you can do so here The Social Networker Ideal Client Avatar

What is your ideal client called? 

How old are they? 

What gender? 

What marital status do they have? 

Do they have children? – If so, how old are the kids and what gender? 

Where do they live? What size is the house? Do they have a garden? Is the house modern/older? 

Where do they work in relation to their home?  

What are their spiritual beliefs?
Do they have other dependents – elderly parents, are they caring for someone else? 

What car do they drive? If they don’t drive, how do they travel? 

What political beliefs do they hold? 

What position do they hold in the business you want to work with?
What frustrations do they have at work? 

How many staff do they have (if any? 

How many staff report directly to them? 

What budget control do they have? 

What do they want to achieve at work? 

What’s stopping them from achieve that?  

What hobbies and passions do they have? 

Do they take care of themselves physically/emotionally/mentally? – what do they do for this? 

What stresses do they have at home/personally? 

What books do they read/podcasts do they listen too? 

What do they value? 

Why would they chose to work with you? 

Why wouldn’t they chose to work with you? 

Why is now the right time to come and work with you? 

Where do they hang out? Online and offline 

What level of education do they have? Is this important to your business and if so why? 

Where do they get their information? 

What is their preferred method of communication?  

What language do they use? 

What makes them happy? 

What does a day in their life look like?  


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