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A video about making videos!

A video about making videos!

We know that making videos can be scary and that it’s easy to think ” I don’t have the equipment to make them look professional”. In this blog we’re going to show you how you can create video, with no need to buy ANY equipment or software.

It doesn’t have to be frightening.


Starting to create your own videos is as easy as piccking up your phone. You can create video content right now just by using your phone, it really is that simple. Once you’ve started recording videos and posting them on your business channels, your confidence in your ability to use video will rise dramatically and you’ll find you become much more natural in your delivery and hey, you might even have some fun doing it too!

If you’ve got an iphone, you will also have iMovie on your phone which will enable you to edit videos too without having to download any new software.

Once you’re feeling confident in your video presentation skills, you can start looking at adding in new hardware and software to enhance the production quality f your videos, but honestly, no one will really be bothered if you don’t have it to start because your message and what you’re saying is the most important thing. For intermediate video producers, we’d recommend the following equipment –


Tripod – both desktop and stand alone – allows you to shoot hands free and wobble free – you could go for a “gimble” if you’re really looking for smooth shots too.

Microphone – Amy uses a Tonor USB Microphone Kit Q9 for desktop recording and sticks with her headphones and microphone on the phone for “on the fly” recording. You can also look at lapel mics which can be handy for using out and about and Rob Moore recommend the H1N kit for sound recording on the go.

Lights – We are yet to upgrade our lighting but there are some inexpensive desk top ring lights (the kind you see in make up tutorials on Instagram and YouTube and even studio lighting packages that you pick up for under £100.

Camera – Phone cameras are leaps and bounds ahead of where they used to be, integral webcams are also much more powerful than even 2 years ago. YOu can also buy external dedicated webcams or even DSLR cameras which have the capability to shoot movie quality in your own home or office. In Home office.


Software wise, if you’re moving into the intermediate production levels, you can look at things like OBS which is used heavily by game streamers and YouTubers. OBS allows you to record multiple screens at once, add in text cards, logos and much more very quickly and there is a raft of “how to” videos to help you get set up. You can continue to edit in iMovie or it equivalent or you can move onto more professional editing software such as Adobe Premier, Final Cut Pro and so on. For our purposes, we use OBS for in house recording and iMovie to edit. When we have a media production suite we’ll worry about the Pro packages ;-p

Video is a MASSIVE boost to your marketing collateral and once you’ve got it nailed  you can start distributing your messages on even more channels! More on that in a later vid! (or podcast ;-p)


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