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How to find your next Business Mentor

How to find your next Business Mentor

Business mentoring is one of the very best ways to improve your business knowledge and drive your business forward, but how do you find one that’s right for you? And how do you find one when you’re starting out and have limited (or no) money to spend on it?

Of course there are mentorship programmes and masterminds where you can pay to learn from those at the top of the game and we absolutely recommend doing that when you have the finances for it, nothing will “upscale” your business faster than working with mentors and coaches on your self development. How can you do it without spending though? And how do you chose the right one for you?



Thanks to the wonders of modern life, you can follow virtually anyone on social media platforms which means you can learn from them without having to pay out a single penny. You can also sign up to their email lists, printed mailing lists and so on. You can soak up the information for free!

Mentors should be people who have “been there and done that” as this will give you the shortcuts for helping in your business. One of my mentors says “yes it’s great to learn from my mistakes, but I’ll learn a lot more by studying other people’s mistakes and learning from those too!” and this is really how mentorship works. You soak up so much knowledge and experience through other people’s stories and progress and it’s a much shorter way to grow your business. Imagine having to make ALL THOSE MISTAKES just to get the lessons?! Progress would be so much slower!


A good mentor will push you outside your comfort zone. There are three “zones”, the comfort zone, the learning/development zone and the panic zone. A mentor who puts you in the panic zone continuously is NOT a good mentor, you do not need to increase your stress levels that far. By being consistently in the learning zone, you will find you’re stretched and tested but not overwhelmed. Things will feel good, challenging and you’ll be energised. A good mentor will give you the self belief in your own skill sets and abilities so that you feel you can take on these new challenges. They won’t let you rest on your laurels. If you’re in a mentorship programme, you will probably want to emulate the mentor and achieve what they have.

In the panic zone, you will be terrified and probably won’t get a lot achieved as you’ll be overwhelmed and won’t understand what to do to start on the journey. Panic is not a good place to be and long term can actually make you ill.

A good mentor will help you FLY. And they may not even know that they are doing it.

My first mentors where my parents, I learnt from them as they built a multi-million point niche hobby business. They had rough times like anyone else in business but built a multi-channel marketing business which was certainly the UK leader in it’s marketplace, if not the EU and World leader.

In my catering career, a wonderful mentor was my boss, Martin Turner who put faith and belief in me to take on new challenges, even though I’d royally screwed up in my first three months working with him. That faith carried me a very long way.  Once I went self-employed, my first mentor was a lady called Ange Loughran, which if you know Forever Living in the UK you will have heard of her. She inspired me massively with her self belief and confidence and that rubbed of on me, leaving me feel much more confident about being  single mum in business.

My current mentor, is doing the job inadvertently and I’m sure you’ve heard me mention him. Rob Moore is a multi-millionaire who made his money in property. He is also really really fucking good at marketing. Through his Facebook supporter programme, I have been able to connect with 2000+ other entrepreneurs, including 250+ in a Whatsapp group where the support and generosity between the group has been of vital help to me.

Find someone who resonates with you, who you enjoy following/watching/learning from and go do that everywhere you can. Mentors can come in all shapes and sizes but good ones will really help you by leading by example, setting you challenges and guiding you along your journey.


In summary to find your mentor

  • Check they have “been there done that”
  • Does their message resonate with you?
  • Will they believe in you when you don’t?
  • Follow them wherever you can.
  • Implement what they recommend!



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