My Blog | Which Apps Do you need to create content from your phone?
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Which Apps Do you need to create content from your phone?

Which Apps Do you need to create content from your phone?

How do all those people make videos with captions? Or create images that are branded to their business? How do they remember what to say when they’re making a video and how do they edit them quickly? 

There’s an app for that ;-p 

It can seem overwhelming to post something new every day on social media or into an email or blog, but the truth is, with some clever apps and a bit of forethought, you can really streamline your content creation AND post it across many different platforms with just a few clicks.  

Here’s a few of our favourite apps for creating content on your phone, followed by a few other important apps for business. – this app allows you to add clever banners at the top and bottom of videos, bringing them to life and making them much more fun.  

Teleprompter Lite – Perfect for having a scrolling script on screen whilst you’re videoing! It works just like a teleprompter in a tv studio. Simply type up your script in notes, copy it into Teleprompter and hit record! The script will scroll through as you record, so you never need to forget your lines again.  

Anchor – The podcast app. If you’re recording sound and want to build a podcast, this little app is extremely useful. With a few copy/paste type actions you can create a podcast which is then sent out across the major podcast platforms.  

Canva – One of our favourites! For creating quick, slick on brand images is brilliant. You can upgrade to the team package which will allow you to resize images so you can put your cover images/banners across Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube and know that they will all work and be the right size. You can use templates from the system or create your own. There’s an app and a desktop site and it stores all your previous creations too.  

WordPress  – Perfect for blogging on the go! If you’ve got a website or a blog that uses WordPress, then the app is brilliant for creating a blog as you’re out and about without needing the desktop version.  you can also draft up ideas quickly without publishing just so you don’t miss them. 

iMovie – Quick editing for videos on your phone! (sorry if you’re not on an iPhone, I’m sure there’s alternatives). Whilst the app doesn’t have the full capability of the desktop version, you can still edit videos, drop in images and save the results.  

Clips – Auto subtitle creation app. This app will create the subtitles as you video in the app. It can be a bit clunky as you need to edit the subtitles quite often but great to get them in quickly. You can also use for transcriptions.  

Ripl – A very handy app for creating short videos from still images if you don’t want to use iMovie. Ripl will create animation on the images too.  

Patroen – Now you’ve got your content created, what about getting paid for some of it?! Using Patreon you can build tiers where people pay to access different amounts of content, exclusives, “first access” to content and much much more. The best way to find out about it, is to go and look at it and see what other people do on their Patreon, but if you’re generating content you can look at ways to monetize it.  

 Other Marketing Apps 

Facebook Pages App – allows you to look at your business pages WITHOUT needing the Facebook APP itself 

Facebook Adverts App – manage your adverts on Facebook from your phone 


Google Ads 



Google My Business – very quick and easy to set up, worth its weight in GOLD for businesses who are focussed on working locally.  

MailChimp – A must for email marketing – this will enable you to build your email and even send a campaign right from your phone! No need for the desktop version at all. 

Other Apps for Business 

GoToWebinar and Zoom – Virtual meeeting apps that allow you to meet with people on the fly and desseminate a lot of information to groups of people quickly. 

TPS protect – highlights spam callers.  

Evernote – cross platform note taking inculding adding images and web pages  

EventBrite – book onto events asnd create your own 

Dropbox – upload and store squillions of documents, videos, ANYTHING and decide who gets to see it. Brilliant for remote working in teams 

Indeed for Employers  – Very handy way to run your adverts and track applicants – lets you message in the app and call applicants, then record notes about the progress too.  


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