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About Us

In June 2015, like so many other people, Amy was made redundant and rather than return to a workforce where the needs of her son (and dog) would be secondary to her work commitments, she decided to strike out on her own.

We are now a growing team offering social media management and marketing training and strategy.

Our in house skills cover a experience with print media and working with media agencies, email marketing, social media management across all the major platforms, a strong preference for good quality, engaging content, blogging, personal profile building and making excellent cups of tea and coffee.

We work with people over companies, we want to help you develop your company and your vision through getting your message out there and telling people WHY you do what you do.

A note on company ethos…

The Social Networker works with people we resonate with. We believe it’s important to have a good energy in our business and so we work with the people we connect with and whose passion and voice we can understand.

We aim to give you a comprehensive and “joined-up” marketing strategy. What this means for you is that your business makes the most of every possible connection with a client or customer to build your brand and profits.

We believe that to bring the best to your clients and customers it’s vital that you have a cohesive message, so we plan it all out so the same message reaches your audience across all channels at the same time.

This belief comes from our experience of working in multi-channel businesses where we worked across printed catalogues and special offer brochures, point of sale marketing, traditional print advertising, email, blogs and social media channels.

We work with integrity, honesty, to bring value to our clients and we hope, with a sense of fun too. We aspire to helping as many people as possible tell their story.

We also believe in paying a fair wage that enables our team to work less than 40 hours a week if they chose and still have a good level of income.

By working with us you’re helping a wider set of people in the local community as we believe in working with the people around us and using their talents too.

We employ people to do the things we are a bit rubbish at like Vicky our VA who organises Amy or Jo who maintains the grounds at HQ Or My Domestic Goddess who maintain our premises.

By working with us you’re working on a much bigger picture and we hope to share more of that with you as time goes on.

Come work with us.