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A long time ago, I mean at least 10, but probably 15 years ago, my mother gave me a quote. She doesn't remember but I'm sure she gave it to me because it's on the cream paper she always uses and in the font she always types in. I have been searching for this quote for YEARS. Since the breakdown of my marriage I think.

I've had a bit of a shock today. At the grand old age of 38, I've realised I've had not one, not two, but now three careers! I've had many jobs within those careers too! Having followed the traditional root of college and university, and bumming around for a year, I started work in my first chosen career when I was 22. I worked in pubs and bars, moved into contract catering and finally into events management, constantly working with customers and team leading on large and occasionally high profile events. I loved it and got to work in some stunning venues in London in my career.  

There is nothing as powerful as a changed mind. - TD Jakes When I first heard that quote, and the following few sentences, I realised the deep truth of it. Often a big change in our mind, the thing that triggers us changing from the inside, is a trauma, a terrible event, something that shocks us to the core and effectively shakes us awake. You might call it a revelation, a moment of clarity, a "light bulb moment". Whatever it might be, your life is changed from then on.

Reading is how we download new information. Until technology enables us to actually download new things, Neo "I know Kung-fu" style, reading and listening to audio books are the areas where the most knowledge can be learnt. Don't misunderstand me, I believe there is great value in some other learning streams too, TEDtalk videos for example. We have been writing for far longer than we have been creating videos though so the depth and breadth of content available is astounding.

I've grown up with marketing, which since it's what I do, is pretty lucky and it feels innate to me. Over time though it's become clear that what I think is common sense, really isn't common sense for a lot of people. So here are a few of the key tips I offer to those who have never done any marketing. These principles hold true across online and offline marketing.