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adding value

I've grown up with marketing, which since it's what I do, is pretty lucky and it feels innate to me. Over time though it's become clear that what I think is common sense, really isn't common sense for a lot of people. So here are a few of the key tips I offer to those who have never done any marketing. These principles hold true across online and offline marketing.

Have you heard of the 40:40:40? You work 40 hours a week for 40 years of your life to get 40% of your income for your pension. When I saw that ratio I got really angry. I mean *bleeping* ANGRY. In my career I have worked many weeks that were over 40 hours. I've paid into a pension for a few years too. And yet I have very little to show for it. At the time of writing this I am 37 and in theory I have around another 30 years left of working under the 40:40:40 ratio. Well, doesn't that just sound like fun!