My Blog | Training Workshops and Consultancy
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Training Workshops and Consultancy

  • Workshops

  • From £147per workshop
  • Our workshops cover a range of marketing topics including

      • social media basics
      • marketing foundational skills
      • content creation.

  • 3 Month Consultancy Package

  • £1997month
  • This package is designed to get you up and running with your marketing, at the end of the three months you will have a solid marketing strategy and foundation for your business’s future. We want you to feel confident handling the appropriate marketing channels and the message you want to bring to your ideal clients and have developed this package to give you the tools necessary to consistent add value to your clients and customers.

  • 6 Month Consultancy Package

  • £1697month
  • In the six month consultancy work we will not only take you through the important foundations of marketing but also help you develop your skills to understand the results and impact of your marketing activity. At the end of the six month period, you will have a comprehensive knowledge of how marketing works within your business and the processes and systems in place to make the most of it. You’ll also have the solid foundations to build further marketing channels as they become relevant and to know how to reach your key clients and customers.

Packages require a minimum sign up of 3 months. 

Training With Us

What can you expect from our workshops?

    • A hands on approach – we want you to come away with skills and knowledge to implement directly into your marketing for your business.
    • A friendly and fun learning atmosphere – all questions welcome!
    • On hand experts to assist you
    • 1-2-1 support if needed
    • A small group of like-minded business owners – we never host more than 10 people

We run them for around 6 hours from our beautiful home town in Belper which is easily accessible via road and rail. Catering is provided.


Our consultancy work allows us to work 1-2-1 with you on the future of marketing in your business. We will assess your current marketing position and the available resources in your business and then develop your marketing strategy with you to meet the goals you want to achieve.

After the 3 month consultancy period you can expect to have a solid foundation to build on for your marketing activity, usually across 3 or 4 channels. After the 6 month consultancy period, you can expect to have proactive and reactive marketing strategies, an understanding of data and how to use it to shape the messages in your marketing and be looking to the longer term marketing goals and annual cycles.