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Business Books

Effective Coaching: Lessons from the Coach’s Coach: Lessons from the Coaches’ Coach – Myles Downey

This was one of the first books I ever read on coaching and it began a journey that I’m still on.

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Winners and How They Succeed – Alastair Campbell

Combining the best of sports, business and politics this book gives you insights into the world’s top performers in those fields and is fantastic for learning about the tenacity it takes to be the best. There’s lots of tips you can implement (such at the 1% rule if you’ve not already heard of it) and a good mix of men and women are covered.

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Think and Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill

This book gets referenced over and over again by business people, along side Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People and Wallace Wattles’ Science of Getting Rich. I heartily recommend you pick them all up.

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Self Help

Sane New World – Ruby Wax

I read this book at a particularly difficult time in my life and found it was superb at reassuring me that my mind wasn’t completely bonkers.

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Loveability – Robert Holden

This book should be given to everyone when they start secondary school and it should form the basis of all learning from then on.

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Manhood – Steve Biddulph

I’ve read a couple of Steve’s books and whilst I found “Raising Boys” confronting in parts, this book enabled me to see things from a wider perspective. Another one that should be handed out at school for ALL to read, not just men.

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