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I shared this quote last year and it is worth repeating. "God" can be a loaded word so replace it with whatever makes you feel comfortable. I like "the universe" but you might prefer "the infinite", it doesn't matter, the essence is what is important. Your...

For a very long time I hated LinkedIN. I mean, really hated it. It felt like a very stuffy "shirt and tie" environment and that if I wanted to be a part of that community I would need to "tone-down" my natural joie-de-vivre. Well. I dunno what those guys at Microsoft have been doing on LinkedIn but all of a sudden it's become a really great place to connect with real people and build strong connections. Unlike Instagram and Facebook pages (which I still love don't get me wrong), the connections you make on LinkedIn are already pre-qualified, even if they are people trying to sell you something, they're in business! They're not there dicking around liking lots of pictures or liking but unfollowing your pages, they're there to do BUSINESS.  

Before I start, you would be forgiven for thinking, "Well of course you're going to tell me I need social media Amy, it's what you do!" so I want to clarify something. Social Media works best as part of a complete marketing strategy, it does work in isolation and can help your business massively in the early stages but it will always work best as part of a comprehensive marketing strategy. For the rest of this article let's assume that you have just such a marketing plan - don't worry, or those that don't there will still be great tips here and I'll be doing another article on how to use social media in isolation another time.