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adding value

This week is "Work From Home Week" and I mentioned at the start of the week that I would come back to this.
There's a myth that working from home is full of distractions and is loads of fun. Or that as a self-employed person you have to work long hours, give up your social life, family time and pour everything into your business.

Today we've got a guest blogger! Andy Green is a video expert and is here to share why you should be using video in your business, across the board, not just within social media.  
It’s the year of video – according to and I agree. Video is becoming more and more popular in marketing plans, for websites and social media. I heard a quote once, which is quite inspiring, ‘If a picture is worth a thousand words, then the power of video can be limitless’.

WOW. This picture popped up on a memory post on Facebook today, it's an extremely pertinent reminder based on my post yesterday and so much has changed since this picture and not just my hair and weight levels! 857734_10152634223155515_2011766237_oThis picture was taken the day my mum retired from the company she'd owned and run for 35 years. I'm on the left, my youngest sister is in the middle and my mum is on the right.